Salma Hayek: My Husband Is The Grown-up One

Salma Hayek: My husband is the grown-up one

In a recent interview, the actress opened up about 5-year-old daughter Valentina’s love for the spotlight. “She loves coming on the red carpet with me and she loves standing having her picture taken,” Salma revealed . It looks like the actress’s only child has got a serious case of the fame bug, and at such a young age! “She loves to have her red carpet moment,” she added. “[She’s] already a very talented actor.” While no real plans are lined up for Valentina, it may only be a matter of time before we see her face on the big screen. PHOTOS: These Hollywood moms are giving their best mommy advice! She certainly wouldn’t be the first kid in Hollywood to follow in their famous parents’ footsteps. Some of today’s most famous starlets are daughters of people who have been in the business for decades. Take Lily Collins , for example. While she didn’t exactly become a pop icon like her father Phil Collins , she has made a name for herself in the limelight in the recent months. Rumer Willis has taken to acting just like both of her well-known parents, and former stepfather. Between Bruce Willis and Demi Moore ‘s longstanding careers, Rumer sure has some big shoes to fill! There’s also TV darling Katie Cassidy , who has been on numerous hit series’ just like her father David Cassidy once was. The 26-year-old has been open about how her dad was one of the biggest inspirations behind her wanting to enter the acting world. Damien Fry/Notion But let’s not forget about the hottest starlet on the scene right now: Miley Cyrus !

She says the reason she returned for the sequel to Grown Ups was down to Valentina. You get to bring the kids to the set of these movies, which you cant do with something like Savages, for example, she says, recalling her recent outing in Oliver Stones violent and controversial 2012 drama. But here Valentina has been best friends with all the actors daughters since she was one, because theyre the same age. I love that the children will have memories of the scenes they watch and theyre going to remember they were a part of it. Hayeks husband was also an enthusiastic presence particularly when a certain basketball player visited the cast. He got excited about meeting Shaquille ONeal, she laughs. The NBA star has a cameo in the film as a police officer. Though Francois loves all the guys in the movie, she adds. The guys in the movie include Kevin James, David Spade and Chris Rock, all of whom return from the first film and none of whom seem obvious bosom buddies for business mogul Pinault. It is funny because you would never think of people more different than Francois and these boys, she says, but they get along so well. Hayek wed Pinault in 2009 after a briefly broken two-year engagement. A little over a year ago, their marriage was tested after Pinault first denied and then settled a child support case with former supermodel Linda Evangelista, with whom he fathered a son, now aged six. In my life, I think Francois is more of the grown-up, is all Hayek will say today regarding their relationship, which I think is unusual for the male-female dynamic. We are both good at having fun and that is wonderful and although we speak different languages, we communicate beautifully. Hayek contentedly declares that life has never been better. Not only is this Mexican-American actress turned producer enjoying her family, she is also working on a number of passion projects.