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For instance, an increase of just one percentage point of Burger King’s payroll as a percentage of sales would cause its bottom line to shrink by close to 9% (11.27% profit margin falls to 10.27%, an 8.8% decrease). Moreover, even McDonald’s would have difficulty sustaining a large increase in wages; a 20% wage increase would decrease McDonald’s net profit by 17%. This assumes that wages account for just half of total payroll and benefits — likely a conservative estimate — and that franchisee income would decline by the same amount as company-owned store income. $8.6 billion $7.1 billion In essence, since wages are such a high percentage of fast food companies’ cost structures, each percentage hike in wages accounts for nearly the same drop in net income. This strong, inverse relationship between wages and profits makes it difficult for fast food companies to raise wages, much less double them. Of course, McDonald’s et al could simply raise their prices. But I’m pretty sure the chains are already milking their customers for as much money as they can get. If Burger King could sell just as many Whoppers for $1 more than it sells for today, it would. But competition makes low prices a necessity, so price increases would cause sales volumes to fall, adding even more pressure to profits. Even worse, the people who work at fast-food chains tend to be in the demographic that frequents them the most. A 20% price increase to offset higher wages means 17% higher food prices for the poorest consumers in the American economy. This is hardly the path to digging oneself out of poverty and joining the middle class. Aside from higher food prices, higher wages would likely mean lower employment. If McDonald’s cannot sustain a 20% wage hike without a significant hit to its profitability, it will have to increase its efficiency in order to maintain a respectable profit margin. This means hiring fewer workers and requiring the ones it has to do more.

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It means we’re not struggling.” He used it a couple of times last year, and has done the same a couple of times so far this year (it’s not meant to be used regularly). At 1pm the Grantham food bank opens, and we slowly walk the few streets from his house. Burton-Fullick uses a shopping trolley to steady himself (he would like a mobility scooter but can’t afford one). The food bank is on the ground floor of a Victorian terraced building, with posters in the bay window. One reads: “Restoring dignity, reviving hope, building community.” Inside, several volunteers are packing supermarket carrier bags with food, while other volunteers sit at tables with food bank users, or “clients” as they’re called. Brian Hanbury, the food bank’s coordinator, sits down with Burton-Fullick and asks him how he has been. “You’re about the 3,000th client,” Hanbury says. “We’ve had 33 tonnes of food come through this little building within the last two years. I’m only telling you this because I know when people find themselves in a hard place, they think they’re on their own. We’re estimating there are close to 6,000 people in this area who are just a few steps away from not being able to put food on their plate.” The food bank asks clients to write their stories in a book they range from young people leaving abusive homes and ending up in a hostel, to people who had to have time off work for illness, to those affected by the new bedroom tax. Hanbury estimates around 40% of his clients come in because of Jobcentre sanctions against them stopping their benefits. Hanbury leaves us sitting at a table and when I look over to Burton-Fullick, he looks as if he’s going to cry. After a while, he says: “I get so angry.” Back at home, he unpacks the bags.

Tips to chew well – Mash slowly and steadily. – Keep the ambience relaxed rather than loud or distracting. That means no sitting in front of the TV. – Eat smaller morsels; smaller the bites, the better you will chew. – Stop only when the mouthful is totally liquid and has lost its texture. – Take another bite only when you have finished chewing completely and swallowed. – Drink water or fluids only after your mouth is empty. Non-logged-in comments will go through a verification process for security reasons. Log in to post this comment Your comment Characters Remaining: 3000 Refrain from posting comments that are obscene, libellous, slanderous or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks, name calling or inciting hatred against any community. Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. pOST cOMMENT Post your comment We encourage you to register/login and proceed.

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Its origin story is strikingly similar to that of the Townie: Local magazine challenges pastry chefs to come up with the next cronut, and, voila, a sweet, addicting Frankenpastry is born. Yelp reviewers call the crookie “heavenly” and say, “It was kind of like eating a chocolate croissant but a gajillion times better.” And with mentions on Good Morning America and in The Daily Mail, this is one food fad getting plenty of buzz outside of its native Canada. Frozen S’mores World domination by cronut was not enough for New York City’s Dominique Ansel , so he’s come up with another hybrid dessert that already has people lining up for a taste. Building on two summer favorites — ice cream and s’mores — the frozen s’more features a vanilla ice cream center wrapped in a chocolate wafer and covered in marshmallow. Served on a smoked willow branch and torched to order, it’s got the nostalgia-inducing superpower of Proust’s madeleine , conjuring up lost feelings of childhood summer camping trips for anyone hardy enough to brave the bakery’s long line. Ramen Burgers Ramen burgers — ramen noodles grilled to bun-like perfection and then filled with typical accompaniments like fish cake and pork — have long been street foods in parts of Japan. But it took the vision of Japanese-American ramen aficionado Keizo Shimamoto to pair the crispy-noodle-bun concept with a beef patty, a soy-based sauce, and plenty of scallions, and elevate it to food-fad fave. Currently only available in limited quantities at the Saturday Smorgasburg market in Brooklyn, Shimamoto recently told TODAY.com that he’d like to eventually open restaurants on both the West and East coasts. Japadog Japadog first emerged as a food fad during the Vancouver Olympics, when the food cart won over athletes, spectators and celebrities willing to wait in long lines for its Japanese-style franks. Since then, Japadog has maintained cult status by growing slowly and maintaining its commitment to quality dogs and bold Asian-inspired flavor combinations . Think Kobe beef, grated daikon radish, bonito flakes, and ume (plum) sauce.

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Ask yourself: Do you want to enhance the flavours by pairing similar ones or would you rather contrast them? For example, mildly spicy food can be offset with a little sweetness in the wine. 5. Balance the richness of the dish with the heaviness of the wine. A creamy dal will overpower a lighter style wine and vice versa. 6. A good question to ask yourself: How was the food cooked? Stir fry vegetables are different from grilled vegetables. Grilling adds more body to the vegetables whereas a stir fry is lighter yet oilier. Accordingly, change the pairing even though the vegetables are the same. 7. Acid in wine cuts through oil in food and is also is a great partner to tart flavours. We Indians like our spice. However wine, especially red wine, can elevate the heat in spice tremendously. So, it’s important to keep the spice levels low to zero.