$1.5 Million Gift To Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital For Pediatric Rehabilitation

The U.S is reportedly planning airstrikes to help the rebel army fighting to oust the government. Some countries like China and Russia are opposed to the idea of a military response to the Syrian crises. Analysts believe that a military strike on Syria could lead to increased oil prices and push the world into another recession. The prospects of another recession may not go down well with emerging economies like Brazil and India . Countries with a wide gap in their current account deficit are facing difficulties in terms of their currencies. There has been considerable withdrawal of Dollars from these economies to be reinvested in the U.S. The price fluctuation has made imports very expensive for developing economies. Oil imports are vital for these economies and any increase to the oil price coupled with the currency fluctuations could put these economies in a difficult position. China seems particularly concerned about this scenario. Both Russia and China are trying to win support in the G20 to stop a military intervention. Madonna is understood to be opposing the U.S. participation to Syria’s conflict from a moral stand point. She got a lot of support from her fans for the post on Instagram. One “Syrian citizen” also gave her a “big thank you for her post. Social media today is being used to do multiple things by stars these days.

It was the visual arts equivalent of busking, and the tradition continued until World War II, when, for obvious reasons, it became impractical to sit in the middle of a street and create art. After the war, the art of the Madonnari languished, but before it could die out completely, a group in the city of Curtatone, Italy, decided to revive it. The first I Madonnari festival in Curtatone, in the province of Mantova (Mantua), was held in 1973, with some of the prewar Madonnari among the participating artists. And that was the catalyst for a new generation of “street painters” who travel from city to city, and festival to festival, creating chalk artwork that hardly lasts longer than the handful of days required to make them. Discover the world’s most visited museums Typically, a chalk art or “street painting” festival has separate categories for “copyists,” who reproduce famous paintings; “free artists,” who create original two-dimensional works; and 3-D artists, whose work may be realistic or fantastical. Many festivals also make room for children, teens and amateurs. The wonder of these works of art is the way they materialize before the eyes of the onlookers. “First, there was nothing,” said Denise Kowal, founder of the Sarasota Chalk Festival, which will take place in November. “Now, there is this art. And you watched it happen.” In truth, the art does not spring into existence overnight. It is carefully planned by the artists, who arrive with preliminary sketches and paintings that they will turn into large-scale pieces. Where they work is also carefully planned by the festival organizers, who provide them with precisely measured spaces in which to create their work. Even the pavement is a consideration, as every patch and crack makes a difference when the asphalt is your canvas. “The quality of the street determines the clarity of detail in the work,” Kowal said.

Where the sidewalk ends, chalk art begins

Organizers for this Monterrey, Mexico, festival say it is committed to fostering young artists.

But for the new kids growing up who are starting to find something to grasp onto in the way of dance music and ultimately searching for role models, should somebody who has been so influential for so (s0) many years for so many people be discretely advocating the drug? We know its nothing new for her, though. Remember when she opened up for Aviciis show at Ultra last year and asked the already-MDMA-fuelled crowd has anyone seen Molly?!. This sparked a hilarious typical rant from Deadmau5 who told the weathered musician to show some responsibility for her actions, and despite her defence being in the way of promotion for a Cedric Gervais track, we all know she was just trying to bring back her youthful glory days. And now, despite all the hate she got for that, she strikes again. But with hits on the album like Papa Dont Preach from 1986, Like A Prayer and Express Yourself from 1989, the deep house-influenced Vogue from 1990 andHung Up from 2005, wouldnt you think that with 4 kids at home, she should be getting to the stage of her life where drinking peppermint tea in front of UKTV is more desirable than railing molly off a strippers chest who wasnt even alive when she was 30? In my opinion her newest tunes off MDNA are woeful, and in no way reflect the true musician she was, or still is. Unlike artists likeThe Rolling Stones,Paul McCartneyand Jimi Hendrix whose legacy to music will always live on, I think Madonnas main era in the limelight has unfortunately passed. Maybe worse, too, is that shes trying and failing to bring back those triumphant days by engaging with the youth of today through drug references. Perhaps shes feeling a sense of insignificance in a world where there are so many more good musicians than there were when she started, and shes trying to launch herself back into popular demand by acting like a turbo cause thats what popular artists like Pitbull and Flo-Rida do. But really, we can all agree that in doing so shes lost a lot of dignity and merit, cause who likes those two toys anyway? Their music videos advocating fully sick parties where theyre poppin bottles on the sexy bitches are an absolute disgrace to music altogether. But thats a different story.

Madonna’s ‘MDNA’ Live Album Couldn’t Be Anymore Ill-Timed Could It?

27, 2013. Glenn was born in Hebron, Neb., and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He enjoyed a very successful career on Wall Street and, after other business ventures, retired in Boulder, Col. Though he never married, Glenn was an advocate for children and supported several non-profit organizations related to children’s services during his lifetime. Glenn also was a loyal supporter of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital. Just after Christmas in 2000, Glenn father, lumberyard owner Paul Korff, suffered a massive stroke at his home in Hebron. He was admitted to Madonna in January of 2001. At the time Paul was admitted to Madonna, Glenn related to staff that he was certain that, God sent us to Madonna. Over the weeks that Paul was a patient, Glenn and his brother Ken never left their fathers bedside, playing music for him and caring for him. After his fathers death, Glenn and Ken established the Paul W. and Esther L. Korff Endowment Fund to support the areas of greatest need at Madonna into the future. Glenn’s own health declined this year and about a month before he died, he reached out to the Madonna Foundation and asked how he could help. From that conversation, he laid the plans in his estate to give the Madonna Foundation $1.5 million upon his death.